Vacuum Forming


We are very proud of our vacuum forming department. Many sign and lettering jobs are beginning to add the dimensionality of vacuum formed faces to enhance their beauty.


With only a few of these systems in place nationally, we are an industry leader. We proudly tout that we are at the top of this technology to help our customers utilize the beauty and endurance of signage created with our 8′ X 20′ Plastivac Forming System!


Our technicians meticulously measure time, temperature, and pressure to reach the perfect criteria to make the most durable vacuum formed faces.




trans model

Using a mold made of various materials, our vacuum technicians then place the mold into the Plastivac System to form the relatively thin layer of acrylic and polycarbonate material around it, thus creating an amazing 3D face!


vacuumed-facescroped hucks-soda