Neon Signs

Continuous illuminated tubing, referred to as “neon” is one of the most beautiful ways to attract attention. We suggest neon lighting for channel letters, exposed lettering, and borders!

With our own in-house neon plant we manufacture “miles” of neon. Using the most cutting-edge techniques we produce long lasting production and custom runs while making sure all neon and transformer installations are UL approved.

We comply to the UL 2161 rules and regulations as stated by the Underwriters Laboratories.


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Neon is such a great accent to any sign! It is often used to illuminate the interiors of channel letters and other closed-face signage, but its true beauty is shown when it is exposed!


Neon lighting is a beautiful way to add flavor to more than just signs! As you can see in the picture above, neon was used to turn a dull hallway into an attractive walkway!




To learn more about neon and see more examples go to our neon department page!









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