Neon Department

With our own in-house neon plant we manufacture “miles” of neon. Using the most cutting-edge techniques we produce long-lasting production and custom runs while making sure all neon and transformer installations are UL approved.

We comply to the UL 2161 rules and regulations as stated by the Underwriters Laboratories.


Our neon crew has the ability and ingenuity to bend neon for almost any sign! They are willing to push their limits to create the perfect effect for your business!

channel-letter r


 Neon lights are often used to illuminate other types of signs.


The channel letter to the left has been taken apart to expose the neon.



Our service guarantee states that all of our neon work complies to regulations and we will be happy to promptly produce replacement bulbs when one goes out.

 To see more examples of our neon work go to our neon sign page!

bakery-neoncroped sushi-sign







croped chick-neon