Illuminated Signs

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, or electrical, signage is a must for today’s businesses. Most companies are open after nightfall, and if not, then your customers are most likely going to be passing by your place of business in the evening! How else is your business going to be recognizable at night if you’re not proudly advertising your services with a lighted sign?

Many different shapes, sizes, and media are used to accomplish the goal of making your business known through signage. Building structures, sign codes, and budgets influence the type of sign that you will need.

Alvey’s Sign Company has produced every type of sign with high quality precision, and we are NOT afraid to help you produce that “one-of-a-kind sign” that is unique to your business!

It is the job of our experienced sales staff to listen to what each individual project requires in order to propose the proper signage. A general listing here shows some basic sign types for you to consider:


Pylon and Post Signs


raben-custom-signageFree standing, on-premise signs are the industry standard. This sign type is ideal for establishing a strong identity for your company. Most pylon signs are internally illuminated and are usually limited in size by local sign code restrictions.

We have considerable experience in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of this type of signage. Financial institutions, retail stores, strip malls, and restaurants are ideal for these signs.


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Electronic Message Boards




Electronic message centers are one of the most cost efficient ways to advertise! These signs are the epitome of efficient use of space and dollars.



Our staff will research local codes to make sure your location can benefit from the enormous attraction these signs provoke.
A great choice to use for time and temperature, special events, interior and exterior sporting and gaming applications. Studies have shown that these signs, per advertising dollar, return the best results. We have the experience to propose either incandescent or LED displays to meet your needs.


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Monument Signs


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Monument signs
are perfect for the entrance to your facilities or your architectural signage needs. This is a very easy way for your customers to know who you are and where you are located!




There is a subtle sense of dignity to these relatively small signs.

Entry monument signs work well for developments, campuses, or other organizations with related buildings using a shared drive.

**Construction of a monument sign includes materials that are less apt to be vandalized.


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Channel Lettering


trans channel-lettersIlluminated channel letters make up a great deal of the total sign types we produce. Many landlords require this sign type in their leases. Rather than viewing this as a restriction, allow Alvey’s Signs to help you maximize the potential of this type of signage!

**All of our letters are fabricated to exceed UL requirements.

**Light sources other than the traditional neon are sometimes used.

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Neon Signs


neon-sign no letters
Neon signs are very special. Not only can neon lights be used to enhance every other type of sign, but they also qualify as their own category!

For a closer look at the world of neon signs and many more examples go to our neon page, or our neon department page.






Our illuminated awnings are a great way to distinguish your business from the rest of the competition!




Not as many businesses opt for this style of signage, but the ones who do obtain a memorable “personality” in their customers minds!

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