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Why should I pick Alvey’s over other sign companies?


Our upfront service guarantee insures the quality design and engineering that Alvey’s has obtained through hard work and experience! We will not allow ourselves to lose the integrity and customer-oriented reputation that we have acquired in the sign industry.

The quality of our signage is apparent when compared to our competitors. Ask us for references and we can provide you with a long list of satisfied customers that are willing to speak on our behalf!

It’s also nice to have a sign company with top-of-the-line equipment, and state-of-the-art facilities for every step!


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Does Alvey’s produce anything other than signage?


Absolutely! Because we are a custom manufacturer, we have the capabilities to do all sorts of projects for our clients!

For an example, we had a client who needed a dimensional plastic costume in the shape of a thermos for someone to wear while advertising for their products!

And, don’t forget about our paint and body shop! We do vehicles, no signage required!


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What are your lead times?


Alvey’s lead times are dependent on the time it takes to acquire the sign permits. This time frame is widely varied due to the approval times of various committees, agencies, and municipalities outside of our organization.

We are extremely conscious of our integrity and will NOT commit to a lead time that we are uncertain about. Once the sign permit is acquired (and Alvey’s Signs has been fully informed by the client), we will meet the completion date promised by our sales representatives.



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What are your payment terms?


Once a contract is agreed upon, our clients are asked to put at least a one-third down-payment on their signage project unless prior arrangements have been made with our sales team.

Alvey’s understands that many of our clients operate on purchase order arrangements, and we are willing to work with these conditions in most cases.

The balance is due upon completion.


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How long is your warranty policy?


Alvey’s Signs will warranty our custom signage for one year. Lamps or transformers are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Alvey’s guarantees florescent lights for 90 days and neon lights for one year.

Further negotiation of warranty is left to the discretion of our sales representatives.


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Who takes care of the permits for my sign?


Alvey’s staff will gladly provide the service of obtaining all necessary permits and approvals for your signage! Our team is willing to travel, attend council meetings and get all necessary approval from your city and state. Alvey’s can handle all local, regional, and national acquisitions!

If a special variance is required, our experienced staff will provide filing, written notifications, and personal representation for a minimal fee.

We are very familiar with the requirements and city codes of Evansville and the surrounding areas, and already know what’s required if your business is local.

Some clients choose to gain permits on their own to reduce the cost of their signage.


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In what areas does Alvey’s service?


Our 300 mile radius around Evansville, Indiana, is shown on our service department page. This is our primary area for full-coverage service. Our installation crews have traveled beyond these limits to install signage for our valued clients.

We are a national sign company that designs and manufactures signage for clients from coast to coast. In these cases our project managers work closely with our readily available network of installers to create easy, turnkey, worry-free installation and service. Our network of subcontractors can survey, attain permits, gain landlord approvals, and install the final project.

Photographs of the final installation are provided to insure QUALITY and SATISFACTION!


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How long do lamps and neon lights last?


Under ideal conditions, our clients have usually obtained between one and two years of use out of the florescent lamps and neon lights that we currently install in our signs.

Due to uncontrollable factors such as power surges, wind damage, variation in usage, or acts of God, our clients will notice significant differences in the life of their lighting.

The manufacturer of our florescent lighting has a rated average life of 9,000 – 15,000 hours depending on lamp size.


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What type of computer files can I send Alvey’s?


Alvey’s can open nearly any IBM or cross-platform file you have. We run a Windows NT network with no Macintosh computers in-house.

Preferred file types include:

.ai | .cdr | .dxf | .dwf | .pdf | .eps | .plt | .hpgl | .wmf | .xl

and most image file types such as:

.bmp | .jpg | .gif | .psd | .png | .tif


For further questions about file types contact our support department.


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Do you recommend fiber optics over neon border tubing?


Fiber optics are still very new to the sign industry. Even with its advantages, such as minimal service, there are still some very important limiting factors.

Right now fiber optics are more expensive and not as bright as neon. Thus, we generally recommend the use of neon, but we keep fiber optics as an option.

Our research and development continually evaluates the changes and improvements in fiber optics and can provide reliable assistance, and have recommended its use in certain cases.


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Do you lease billboards?


We do not currently provide leasing for billboards at this time.

Alvey’s specializes in manufacturing and design, and therefore would be more than happy to produce a billboard advertisement, refurbish or replace panels, or create billboards in situations that do not require leasing!

We can refer you to a reliable leasing source within our network, just contact us for more information.


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What are your signs made of?


Alvey’s Sign Company specializes in custom signage. Every client’s needs are different and the appropriate sign types and materials can only be determined by our informed sales team and engineers. We do guarantee that your sign will be manufactured from the best quality materials at the most cost-efficient price available.

Some of our more common materials include aluminum, steel, 3M’s vinyl, polycarbonate, Plexiglas®, Cooley Brite® awning material, and UL approved electrical components!

If your project requires specific materials, we can assist in manufacturing the sign to any specifications that you may have!


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What about insurance?


Alvey’s Sign Company is fully licensed and insured, and maintains more than adequate liability insurance on all of our installation vehicles and personnel. If additional coverage is required, our administration will be happy to discuss accommodations for your requirements.

Alvey’s Signs is bondable, and can provide bid bonds or performance bonds on most signage projects!

Our administration would be happy to discuss and assist with any further insurance questions.


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How are your cabinet signs manufactured?


In most cases our sign cabinets are manufactured from aluminum. However, there are times when structural requirements for our clients determine the use of steel.

Contact our sales team or engineers about further technical questions.


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How many years has Alvey’s Sign Company been in business?


Starting in 1970, Ken Alvey began the fabrication and hand painting of signs from his mother’s garage. Today, over 36 years later, Alvey’s Signs has projects from Arizona to Florida to Massachusetts, with virtually every type of sign.

And we’re growing fast!


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How many employees do you have?


Currently we employ over 70 designers, engineers, welders, electricians, administrators, sales reps, installers, and other professionals.

We are very proud of the people working for Alvey’s. They are all highly trained, motivated craftsmen, who are anxious to work on your next signage project!


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How does Alvey’s continue to grow?


The vision set forth by Ken Alvey, our mission, philosophy, and service guarantee keep our business headed in the right direction.

We continually surpass our clients’ expectations with skilled craftsmanship, timely completion, long-lasting signage, and an acute attention to detail.

Our administrators, project managers, and sales personnel keep everything running smoothly and the continual flow of new clientele.


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